Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

Zach and I took the girls on their first trip to the zoo this past week. I honestly couldn't tell you which one enjoyed it more. They each had a terrific time the entire day we spent there. They were intrigued by every animal we saw. It was wonderful to spend such a gorgeous day with my little loves.
Lily didn't fall asleep until the very end when we were leaving. She was determined to see and say hi to every animal there was. We can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faith's First Soccer Game

She is growing up, so quickly that it makes me want to cry. Every time I look at new pictures of her I am baffled at her growth. This past Saturday was her first soccer game, and she did great. Kailee is Faith's best friend. Her mother and I are best friends as well. They are three weeks apart, and we have been having play dates since we came home from the hospital. So, of course they needed to play soccer together this year. In fact, Kailee's dad Taylor is there coach! How fun is that?
After the game we went to one of our favorite places, Jason's Deli. They have a great selection of healthy AND organic items, also super affordable. We love it, and so do both girls. Here is one last shot towards the end of our lunch-
I sure love these sweet little girls.