Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Beautiful Day and Beautiful Park

You have seen pictures of this park before, possibly because it is one of our most favorite places to venture out to in the city. The girls absolutely love the water, so we usually only go when they will be able to get into it, but the playground is loads of fun as well. There are huge open grassy patches and big hills to climb, and it is right smack in the middle of the city! What a wonderful concept, isn't it?

Sometimes we go here with just the two girls and I, but most of the time we join a friend for a play date. When we went this week, my lovely friend Magen and her twins came along. Their names are Mila and Madelyn and they are utterly PRECIOUS. The girls had such a wonderful day playing! I took WAY too many pictures, of course. I can't help it when we're out, I want to catch everything!

The last few photos in front of the artwork are at the end of the day when they were pretty tired. You can tell by looking at their sweet little faces. They also had the bicycle exhibit going on, and they were all awesome! I bet you can't guess which one was Faith's favorite...
 If you guessed the last one that she is admiring (covered by rhinestones on every inch of space), you are correct! We really had the most wonderful day!

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