Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving at Faith's School

Today was Faith's Thanksgiving celebration at her school. I must say, I have never seen such a precious little lunch event before! She has been in school since she was about eleven months old, and this party completely out shined any the previous ones. The kids were adorable! Faith's classmates were Indians and the four year old classroom down the hall was the pilgrims. They met and had an enormous lunch on the cutest table in the foyer of the school. All of teachers, director, and assistant director there are just amazing. I just couldn't wait to put up these pictures! After the lunch we went into the gym and the children had their faces painted and played Thanksgiving themed games. What a fun afternoon! Our neighbor babysat Lily so all attention could be on Faith for this special day. She told me Lily was a perfect angel. I'm so proud of them both! Here are pictures from today!

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