Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Thankful for my Wonderful Family

We had the very best Thanksgiving ever. I am still so upset my camera was dead though! We started at Zach's parents in Magnolia, then continued to Round Top, and ended in Austin! What a drive! It actually isn't usually very long. Maybe it just seemed that way because we had two small children with us. We had such an amazing time with everybody though. Last Sunday I met one of my good friends Magen and her twins Mila and Madelyn at Discovery Green Park. I absolutely love Discovery Green. It is one of the BEST parks ever. I got some really cute pictures of the girls too! They were all dressed in stripes (Lily's and theirs were unplanned) and played pretty well together. Faith was with Nana and Granny that weekend so it was all babies. Mila and Maddy are eighteen months old so they are all pretty close in age. Aren't they just the most adorable little girls?

Last night Faith decorated her little Christmas tree for her room. She was so proud of it! It came out really cute. I got it at Target while we were Black Friday shopping. She is so excited about having a pink tree in her room this year! This Saturday is her Christmas Book and Cookie Exchange Party. It is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to put up pictures from it!

I also have to put this picture up from us leaving the house today. Faith looks so grown up here it makes me want to cry!

Well tonight we got our Christmas tree up and decorated. We used all plastic ornaments this year. We figured we would have a disaster every day with Lily as curious and into everything as she is right now. Although I really loved all of the pretty glass ornaments we have been given and collected, I'm sure I will love not having to sweep up broken glass every day more. We had fun decorating. I realized tonight it is almost impossible to get a picture of Lily looking at me and smiling unless she is strapped into a car seat or shopping cart. She won't sit still! She fell asleep half way through the decorating though and Faith finished up. I think Faith would have kept adding ornaments all night if we hadn't reached bed time. 

We had great family evening. Tortilla soup for dinner was great with this cold weather. Now everyone is in bed, and I feel pretty caught up with projects and blogging so am off to bed myself! 

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