Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Playing in the Snow

The girls absolutely loved the snow. It was so much fun watching them play together! Then on Saturday we had our Christmas Cookie and Book exchange. The kids all had a great time. We will definitely have to make it an annual event! Faith loves to read and get new books. This was such a fun way to do that! Of course the cookies were a good bonus. Then after the party we traveled to Austin once again. I sure miss it. We have been visiting pretty often throughout these holiday months though. Mom and I went and did some Christmas shopping on Sunday which I really enjoyed. We hardly ever get to spend time together anymore. I mean we see each other pretty often, but most of the time is filled with little interruptions. I have a really busy week ahead of me. I have to get ready for the Christmas Market on Saturday. I am so excited to have the chance to sell some of my items! Lily is staying the week with Nana and Granny to help complete the weaning process. I miss her so much already, but it was wonderful to get a full night of sleep. I felt like a different person this morning! Here are some pictures from everything!


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