Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lily the little Celebrity

Isn't that such a pretty picture of Faith? Minus the chip in her mouth of course. This past week there have two of the most BEAUTIFUL days we have seen in a very long time. The girls and I took full advantage of this. Thursday, after gymnastics, we spent three full hours at a really neat park nearby. Both girls had so much fun. They played really well the entire time!I couldn't believe how brave Faith has gotten! She was more of a monkey on all of the equipment than ever before, wow!

Then we came home and played outside some more! Most of the time Lily loves riding in the car with Faith. That is, until she starts driving like this -

Then Lily wants to get in her own car.

She is so adorable. Then Friday we spent the day at this awesome park downtown! We had a picnic and played for hours. The girls both played in the water the majority of them time. Can you believe it? January and swim suits! Ha. Well, swim suit, I should say. I didn't bring a suit for Lily. I actually didn't bring a swim suit for Faith either. Faith stuffed it in the bag when we were leaving while insisting, "It will definitely be warm enough for me to get in the water." Low and behold, she was correct. So, Lily ended up in her diaper. Guess where else she ended up? In the Houston Chronicle! Look here. She is so funny. Faith was really upset that her picture didn't end up in the paper. I told her that it was okay because I had plenty. Here are a few-

What a wonderful couple of days! We were way overdue for some outside time. Other than that, the week has been your basic eventful, busy week! On our way out the door to a parent/teacher conference for Faith on Wednesday, Faith accidentally shut Lily's hand in the door. Needless to say, I missed the conference and we went straight to the pediatrician. I really adore their pediatrician and know that we are lucky to have one that is as great as he is! During the visit he told me that he suspected that Lily might have a fracture. Of course after this kind of news I was even more shaken up! Mean while, little miss bundle of energy was with us still because I hadn't had time to take her to school yet. So ,in between the ped. office and going to get the x-ray I dropped Faith at school (this made for a much easier x-ray and a much calmer car ride) and grab a was 9:00am and I was already dragging.When we got to their other office they got us in almost immediately and we found out that there is no fracture. Halleluja!!!! I can't imagine Lily having to have anything on her hand for an extended period of time. I am so grateful that neither of them have had a serious injury yet, and oh so glad we escaped this close call. here is Lily grocery shopping with me after her traumatic morning. 
She loves Violet (her leapfrog dog) very much. I'm glad she has gotten a little more attached to one specific toy. Faith never really did, but I think it will be good for times like this. For that matter, it will probably be good for any stressful or overwhelming time, which- let's be honest, is almost every day in the Bowden house! Well, that's all I have. I'm exhausted, and it's really late. Off to bed I go!

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