Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reminiscing and Pictures from the Museum and Carousel

So my friend Jeni (who is an amazing photographer) is the only one that does my girls pictures anymore. She really is awesome, and if you are local, you should try her for sure. Anyway, we both kept forgetting about the pictures she took at the girl's bday party in October and finally got them uploaded this week. No, it doesn't take her months to get your pictures to you, these weren't really planned. She came as a guest, and snapped a couple of pictures. So as I was looking back today, I decided I needed to post some on here. I've been having a hard time keeping up with two blogs, and this one typically falls to the back burner. However, I'm not quitting, just possibly not posting as often as I do to Ruffles N Ribbons! So anyway, here are a few from that- (this first one is my favorite picture of these two little girls)

How sweet are they? Their birthday party was so much fun. We are so very blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and such wonderful family. Can you tell how much they are both enjoying their sweets? Haha, our poor deprived children jump at the chance for sugar!! 
This past week Granny came down for a couple of days and we took the girls to the Houston Children's Museum. That museum is most definitely one of the greatest children's museums ever. I have a ton of pictures from that day, but I'll try to narrow it down. They both had so much fun. I think its hilarious how Lily plays with everything all the older children do. She is hardly interested in any baby age activities. She wants to climb on top of everything, put on headbands, and color just like Faith. This is good for places like the museum though, because they can play in the same area. They are both wearing new outfits I made by the way!
Playing with mirrors.

Grocery Shopping
A chef and artist all in one!

Playing at the vet

Driving the police car and playing fire fighter (is this not the most BEAUTIFUL picture of Miss Faith ever?)
And here are a couple of pictures from riding the carousel today. They both love this as well. 
Okay, so now that I am done with the picture overload I better go get dinner set up. I used the croc pot today (the best invention ever), so really all I have to do is put it on plates...YAY! Hopefully I won't be away so long this next time! I will also try to have more of a written update on both girls as well! Sorry to be quick!

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