Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Little Lovelies

Oh , how I wish I could stop slacking on this blog...I really, really do. It is just so hard. I'm beginning to accept the fact that this blog is mainly going to be kept up to date with a LOT of pictures and very little text (sorry!). I talk to most of you reading pretty regularly, so I think that is alright. At least I can keep posting pictures! So here are a few from the past couplet of weeks. The picture of Lily is of her looking up at the airplanes, she loves them. The park we are at is close to the airport, so she gets a really good look at them! I just cannot believe Lily actually posed for me a couple of times in some of these. She is so beautiful, but a tad bit camera shy. She always turns her head when I have a camera! I love that she was smiling and looking at the camera for once! I have a couple of really sweet pictures of my niece that stayed with us this weekend too. Oh, I love little girls!

Here is Faith at the park on a pretty day. 
 Lily playing in the playroom-
My precious daughters modeling for me-
Okay and here is the realistic picture *Lily running away and Faith getting an attitude*

Can you believe Lily was being so cute?

Isn't Diana precious?

Here is Lily and Nana

We took the girls to breakfast Sunday morning-

And, of course they had to get balloon animals.

Did I say animals? Lily definitely got a sword (exactly what she needs). 
Then they had to come home and ride around.

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